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Ping-pong robot

What we want to do?

We want to develop a ping-pong robot, affordable and open source.

Desired features

  • Left-right pan.
  • Vertical pan.
  • Handles different spins.
  • Handles different speeds.
  • Remote controlled.


  • procastino


Some links to machines that do the same:

  • Arduino controlled ping-pong machine. Doesn't seem exactly what we want, since it's not really related to table-tennis practise, but we can use some of the ideas.
  • Homemade robot Probably the most advanced one, also more expensive. The features are great, maybe try to do something similar but cheaper.


Some things that we will probably need and we should gather.

  • Container for the balls.
  • PVC pipe or cardboard tubes.
  • 2 DC motors for the thrower.
  • Servo for the ball doser.
  • 2 Steppers/servos for the horizontal and vertical pan.
  • Power supply.

First steps

Probably, thrower, doser, vertical pan, spin manager, horizontal pan, remote control.

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